Real moms go behind
the Golden ArchesTM!

Parents across Canada want to know that they're providing quality food to their families. Now you have a chance to join us behind-the-scenes at McDonald’s with the McDonald's All-Access Moms program, presented by CityLine!

The results are in!

The three selected McDonald's All-Access Moms are already getting ready for their first trip. They’ll join CityLine Parenting Expert, Nanny Robina for a first-hand, behind-the-scenes look at the famous Golden Arches.

The selected group of bloggers will get an up-close view of the entire menu process, including unprecedented access from field to kitchen. Touring across the country, they'll visit farms where ingredients are sourced, see supplier facilities and even get in on the action behind-the-counter at McDonald’s restaurants. At the same time, McDonald’s All-Access Moms will be blogging and sharing their experiences from each trip with Canadian moms. They've got lots to learn and can't wait to share the inside scoop!

This just in...

Trip #3 isn’t the only event fast approaching. Our All-Access Mom Maureen Dennis from is expecting a new wee one of her own. With her due date just around the corner, Trip #3 is out of the question. Thankfully, Karen Bannister, Editor at is ready to step in, with Maureen returning for the fourth and final trip in November.

Karen works closely with Maureen and is determined to continue her work by delivering answers to your most pressing questions. Watch for Karen’s Trip #3 report coming soon. In the meantime, learn more about Karen Bannister.

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