Nanny Robina

Meet CityLine Parenting Expert, Nanny Robina!

When it comes to kids and food, Nanny Robina knows that food quality is vital to raising a happy and healthy child.

Robina has been a Nanny and Governess for over 30 years.

Robina's experience caring for children from newborns to teenagers makes her the 'Ultimate' nanny Canadians have been waiting for.

Originally from Britain, she landed in Canada a few years ago. Prior to that, she cared for children in Britain, Lebanon, USA and Greece. Her love of both children and travel give her the worldly parenting advice all moms are craving. Robina's straight talking advice will give parents the tools they need to help raise happy, healthy and respectful children.

Nanny Robina is frequently interviewed by national media to share her expert opinion on understanding and handling babies’ toddlers and young children.

For the last 5 years she has been the parenting expert on the TV show, 'The Mom Show,' and more recently a parenting expert for CityLine.